Michelle Carter Denied Parole


Pamela Murphy, general counsel for the parole board, wrote that the board is "troubled" that Carter encouraged Conrad to kill himself and prevented others from intervening in his suicide.

The board added that Carter needs to address the "causative effects" that led to the offense.

Roy, 18, poisoned himself with carbon monoxide in a truck he parked in a Kmart parking lot in Fairhaven, Mass.

The Massachusetts Parole Board took less than a day to decide that Michelle Carter should not be released after serving only seven months in prison.

Carter and Roy met in 2012 while vacationing in Florida.

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Michelle Carter, the MA girl convicted of urging her boyfriend to kill himself by the spend of text messages, on Friday used to be denied her seek recordsdata from for early free up by the convey Parole Board.

Michelle Carter, 22, began her 15-month sentence in February after the Massachusetts Supreme Court agreed with the lower court's guilty verdict.

Carter remained free until her state appeals were exhausted.

He said the board's decision was "obviously premised" on an "incorrect and unsafe prior legal ruling" of the state Supreme Judicial Court upholding Carter's conviction.

But even though Carter's request for parole has been denied, she is still expected to be released early for good behavior.

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In hundreds of texts and statements that came to light after Roy's suicide, Carter, who was 17 when Roy died, was revealed to have pushed him to go through with the act.

Both Roy and Carter suffered from clinical depression and had previously attempted suicide, two disheartening factors the young pair centered their companionship on. "You can't think about it You just have to do it?"

'His death is my fault like honestly I could have stopped him, ' she said in a message to a friend.

Michelle Carter in a February 11 booking photo.

During sentencing, the judge said Carter admitted in texts that she took no action to help Roy; she knew the location of his truck and did not notify Roy's mother or sisters. "Our common law provides sufficient notice that a person might be charged with involuntary manslaughter for reckless or wanton conduct, including verbal conduct, causing a victim to commit suicide".

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Carter's attorneys have appealed the ruling to the US Supreme Court, which has not yet confirmed whether it will hear the case or not.