North Korean charge d’affaires leaves Russian foreign ministry without comment


North Korean vessels running contraband in the Sea of Japan fired on Russian border patrol vessels today, injuring three Russian crewman.

The crew of a North Korean vessel attacked Russian border guards as they tried to stop them from poaching, the FSB explained.

Three Russian coast guards were injured Tuesday in a clash with North Korean fishing boats in the Sea of Japan, after which 80 fishermen were detained, Russia's FSB security service said.

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In a separate statement, the Russian Foreign Ministry said it summoned the North Korean charge d'affaires to personally lodge a protest with Pyongyang.

"Two fishing vessels and over 80 North Korean citizens were detained", the FSB told TASS news agency.

Russian Federation says the ships were engaged in illegal fishing off its coast, and that one of the vessels launched an "armed attack".

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The DPRK said that the Russian ship had violated "the rules of entry and stay in the DPRK territory", though released the ship after 11 days.

The guards detained the boat, as well as another North Korean fishing boat with 21 people on board.

Russian Federation says they were caught in its Exclusive Economic Zone, which extends 200 nautical miles (370km) from its coast. "The expulsion of the Japanese ships from our zone is a just and righteous exercise of our sovereign rights".

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"Activities of North Korean poachers has been thwarted".