'Undeniable': Saudi Arabia says remnants of drones show Iran link to attack


Boris Johnson and Donald Trump today agreed there must be a "united diplomatic response" to an attack on Saudi Arabian oil facilities as Riyadh claimed Iran sponsored the strikes.

US President Donald Trump waves from Air Force One after landing in Mountain View, Calif., on September 17, 2019. An adviser to Iran's president tweeted that the press conference proved Saudi Arabia "knows nothing".

Regardless of the culprit, a Middle Eastern actor has used violence to attack an oil facility to further its political objectives.

"While exerting psychological and economic pressure on the Iranian people (through sanctions), they want to impose maximum. pressure on Iran through slander", Rouhani said according to state broadcaster IRIB. In 2006, al-Qaeda attempted a failed suicide attack on Abqaiq with explosive-laden vehicles.

He reiterated that Japan's government had not yet "concluded" the Houthis were behind the attack.

Journalists film what Saudi military spokesman Col. Turki al Malki said was evidence of Iranian weaponry used in the attack targeted Saudi Aramco's facilities in Abqaiq and Khurais during a press conference in Riyadh Saudi Arabia Wednesday Sept
'Undeniable': Saudi Arabia says remnants of drones show Iran link to attack

Col Malki said: "Data recovered from the computers [on the UAV] shows it's Iranian".

Hatami also defended the attack as necessary because the Saudis had engaged in "harsh military attacks" on the Houthis, state media reported. "It could well have traveled over Kuwait, we've not seen that either".

The Houthis certainly have a motive for the latest attacks. They hit the most valuable targets and "expertly flew through the gaps in Saudi air defenses".

"We're trying not to react too quickly because the last thing we need is more conflict in the region", he added.

Washington and its Gulf allies want Iran to stop supporting regional proxies, including in Yemen, Iraq and Lebanon. Iran also does not offer publicly searchable databases of its weapons and their sizes for comparison, he said.

Iran's Khamenei rejects talks with United States
President Donald Trump warned the USA was " locked and loaded " to respond to the attacks, as Breitbart News reported . That moment aside, the Trump administration has seemed willing-and eager, at times-to start a war with Iran.

In a statement Wednesday, Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the weapons used in the attack were "Iranian".

Saudi Arabia's finance minister told Reuters on Wednesday the attack had no impact on revenues and Aramco was continuing to supply markets without interruption.

Trump's announcement comes hours before Saudi Arabia unveils what it says is evidence of Iran's involvement in the attack, which shook crude markets and slashed output at OPEC's largest producer.

The weekend attack prompted Sinopec and CNPC to swap some of their crude to heavier grades, which yield less gasoline and other fuels, insiders at the two oil companies' refineries told Caixin.

Still, fundamental supply and demand balances are deteriorating, Fritsch added, forecasting Brent oil prices of $60 a barrel next year.

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Even while Saudi Arabia has taken a hit to its infrastructure, its remaining exports will still earn more as a result of the price increase.

The new stage of the long-running US-Iranian standoff has raised speculation over whether it will lead to conflict. But while major United States oil firms would reap windfall profits, if rising oil prices spur a recession, it will hurt Trump's chances for re-election.

Following US allegations against Iran regarding involvement in attacks against two oil facilities of Saudi Arabia, Tehran has sent a political note to the American side.

The Pentagon is preparing a report on who was responsible and intends to make it public within 48 hours, a USA defense official said Tuesday.

Saturday's attack exposed the vulnerability of Saudi Arabia's oil infrastructure and threw down a gauntlet to the United States, which wants to curb Tehran's influence in the region.

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