Whistleblower timeline: Team Trump contacts and Ukraine


The Trump administration began reviewing a $250 million Ukrainian aid package just weeks after the August meeting and chose to release the aid earlier this month, prompting speculation that Trump offered the aid to incentivize the opening of an investigation into Biden in order to bolster his own electoral prospects.

Mr. Zelensky took office in May, but even before then, Mr. Giuliani has said he sought a meeting with the president to investigate a natural gas company, Burisma, where Mr. Biden's son, Hunter Biden, had served on the board of directors.

Cuomo then questioned the attorney as to whether he asked for an investigation.

'Of course I did, ' Giuliani said.

"Your never asked anything about Hunter Biden? You never asked anything about Joe Biden?".

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Giuliani responded that he wanted to figure out how and why the prosecutor who was to look into Biden dropped the case against the former vice president.

We still don't actually know what the whistleblower complaint is about, but leaks to the news media indicate it involves Ukraine - and that put Giuliani in CNN's hot seat Thursday.

"That's why your network has no ratings", he added.

Trump called the Post's story "Fake News", adding that "Virtually anytime I speak on the phone to a foreign leader, I understand that there may be many people listening from various USA agencies, not to mention those from the other country itself".

"I put it on the line for him 1,000 percent", Giuliani replied, calling the network "a horror to this country".

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"You are not fair and impartial".

It's the latest revelation about the July call between the two leaders that is reportedly the subject of an alarming, yet so far veiled, whistleblower's complaint from within the intelligence community.

The details of the complaint were reported by The Washington Post late on September 18, but specifics as to who the conversation was with or what was said still aren't known. However, Shokin was perceived by the US and its allies as not pursuing corruption cases aggressively enough, Politifact points out, and he was suspected of trying to protect pro-Russian interests.

Trump Rages About Whistleblower Report of Troubling "Promise" Made to Foreign Leader: 'Is Anybody Dumb Enough to Believe I Would Say Something Inappropriate?'

On yet another remarkable Friday that capped yet another remarkable week in his roller-coaster-like term, the president once again opted against distancing himself from allegations that would have amounted to a major scandal for anyone who held the unofficial title of "leader of the free world".

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Said Joe Scarborough: "I found it very telling that Mitch McConnell caved yesterday, very telling that after doing Vladimir Putin's bidding over the past several years, and refusing to listen to all the intel chiefs that Donald Trump appointed to protect American democracy against what they call an imminent threat, that Mitch McConnell chose yesterday, as this story was exploding about other foreign interference in American democracy, that's when he finally caved and stopped worrying about Vladimir Putin and started worrying about protecting and defending American democracy". "I would only do what is right anyway, and only do good for the U.S.!" he said.