Barnier warns lot of work remains before Brexit deal


Mr Johnson will then write to the European Union requesting a Brexit delay if Parliament does not approve a deal on Saturday.

However, even if those hurdles are overcome it is unclear whether Mr Johnson will be able to hold together his fragile political coalition to get a package through the Commons in a special "Super Saturday" sitting. Labour MP Peter Kyle said signs are pointing to that Johnson's deal would be bad for the country's economy and a sufficient number of MPs would insist on putting it to a public vote in which the options would be - leaving the bloc with the deal or remaining in the EU.

The prime minister is hoping to hurry by means of Parliament a Withdrawal Settlement Invoice to ratify any deal he manages to strike at this week's European Union summit, in time for Britain to depart on 31 October, as he has lengthy promised. Johnson reiterated "that a pathway to a deal could be seen but that there is still a significant amount of work to get there and we must remain prepared to leave on October 31", a Downing Street spokesman said.

Asked about the article in Italy on Saturday, Mr Dodds said Mr Paterson was "absolutely right". The few details that have leaked out suggest a compromise around the contentious Irish border issue Britain's Northern Ireland partially aligned with European Union customs rules.

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A supply stated: 'It's good to see progress, however we are going to wait to see if it is a real breakthrough.

If Britain leaves the European Union without a deal, many expect serious short-term disruption with possible food, fuel and medicine shortages, and long term damage to Britain's reputation as a safe and stable home for foreign investment.

The government says it is doing everything it can to secure a deal, and that it has contingency plans to mitigate the impact of any no-deal exit.

The first Queen's Speech of Mr Johnson's premiership, delivered during the State Opening of Parliament on Monday, will see the government highlight its priorities, including on Brexit.

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The sides fear that controls on the 500-km (300-mile) border with Northern Ireland would undermine the 1998 Good Friday Agreement which ended three decades of sectarian conflict that killed more than 3,600 people.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron meet at the Elysee Palace to prepare for upcoming summits where Brexit will top the agenda.

Since becoming prime minister in July, Johnson has pushed 21 lawmakers out of his ruling Conservative party for not backing his Brexit plans, and is short of a majority in parliament.

However, Mr Paterson said it would be "absurd to penalise" Northern Ireland with "EU costs and overbearing regulations" for a small proportion of trade, leaving it "unable to take advantage" of new United Kingdom trade deals.

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Pressed on the DUP's Westminster leader Nigel Dodds speaking out against rumours of the details of the Prime Minister's plan on social media, Mr Rees-Mogg said: "The Prime Minister is Minister of the Union and is deeply and personally committed to ensuring the union is robust and prosperous".