Chancellor of the Exchequer insists United Kingdom leaves the European Union on October 31


Javid is unlikely to respond for the government in parliament as he will be making his speech to the Conservative Party conference.

He estimated the move would benefit 4 million people.

After almost a decade of deficit-reducing spending cuts under Conservative-led governments, the recently appointed Javid, a 49-year-old free marketeer, has promised to rewrite the rules that define spending and borrowing limits.

Britain is not scheduled to hold an election until 2022, but one is expected in the coming months. Johnson's Conservatives have lost their majority in parliament and divisions over Brexit are paralysing policymaking.

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The new framework is expected to allow higher levels of state-funded infrastructure investment.

Describing it as an Infrastructure Revolution, Javid outlined massive road building plans costing 29 billion pounds and a 5-billion-pound boost for digital infrastructure to improve full fiber broadband.

Earlier, as Brexit dominated the day of conference usually set aside for fiscal announcements, Javid urged opposition lawmakers to call a vote of no-confidence in the government.

Investors in hedge funds, however, say their interest in speculating on sterling has been limited because the political situation is so unpredictable and the foreign exchange market so volatile.

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He told MPs: "I would note when it comes to some of the more outlandish speculation in this area that Frances Coppola in the Financial Times, in an article entitled "The mythical bets on no-deal Brexit", said yesterday "this is yet another a tin-foil-hat conspiracy theory" - and frankly I think that is about the sum of the merit of this debate".

Speaking in Prague on Monday after meeting his Czech counterpart Andrej Babis, Antti Rinne says the best option for Britain's orderly exit from the European Union is the agreement already negotiated between the two sides but which the current British government rejects.

"The legislation that parliament has passed, of course, has made things more hard, but we are clear our own policy is completely unchanged: We will be leaving on the 31st", Javid said.

"If there were to be some dodge that the government would try to introduce, I think we could counter it".

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