Draconids 2019: When is the Draconid meteor shower? When is the peak?


According to the UK's Space Centre, the Draconids, which is said to be visible from October 7th until 9th, is unlike any other meteor shower as it peaks in the early evening, after sunset, rather than middle of the night.

AccuWeather says Draconids are considered a minor meteor shower with only about 10 "shooting stars" per hour, but the event could fill the sky with hundreds of meteors. In 2018 observers in Europe counted over 140 meteors per hour.

An outburst like this is not expected in 2019.

October is not the only month for cool moon views or planet appearances: The Draconid and Southern Taurid meteor showers are hitting the night sky this week.

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"Unfortunately, the large bright evening Moon will hinder this year's Draconid shower".

The annual Draconic meteor shower has arrived but the short-lived spectacle is only here until the end of the week.

Dedicated astronomy lovers will be able to see as many as 1,000 shooting stars per hour this evening (8 October) and tomorrow (9th October) during the shower - providing the weather doesn't interfere.

Similar to the Draconids, the Southern Taurids are a minor shower with fewer than 10 meteors per hour, but don't let the slim numbers discourage you. These fireballs can appear so bright, they cast shadows on the ground for several seconds. Some suggest bringing a blanket or chair, as meteor-watching can be a waiting game.

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These back-to-back meteor showers will give you the chance to see some gorgeous shooting stars in your area from Tuesday, October 8 to Thursday, October 10, WTHR reported.

"You want to get as much sky in your field of view as possible", Samuhel said.

If you miss the two meteor showers this week, the Orionid meteor shower will peak later this month from october 21-22, bringing about 20 meteors per hour.

For the best results, stay away from sources of light like street lamps, cars and buildings.

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