Hong Kong protesters clamor for release of detained activist


Authorities have described protesters as "militant activists" but many Hong Kong residents are also angry at the emergency powers, fearing their civil rights could be eroded. "So I would appeal [to] all members of the public, whether your view is different from the government or not, I think, please let LegCo to go on normally", Andrew Leung Kwan-yuen, the president of Hong Kong Legislative Council urged. That symbolizes the five demands of Hong Kong's protest movement for direct elections, amnesty for arrested demonstrators and other wishes.

Apple's troubles in China follow scrapes by numerous other western corporations who have run afoul of Chinese nationalism, often whipped up by state media, and come in the wake of the National Basketball Association (NBA)'s dispute with Beijing after Houston Rockets manager Daryl Morey Tweeted his support for the Hong Kong protest movement.

Through periods of torrential rain Sunday, police battled with protesters who occupied streets, vandalized property and targeted businesses with links to the mainland.

A group of people wearing helmets, masks and goggles can be seen on the side of the sneaker design.

"The public arrangement of the entire town has been pushed to the verge of an extremely perilous situation", a police statement issued Monday explained.

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USA sports brand Vans has removed "a small number" of submissions in a sneaker design competition including one apparently giving a shout out to Hong Kong's pro-democracy protests, as companies weigh the risks of angering China.

The alleged attack by protesters in Hong Kong on actress Celine Ma was allegedly attacked by protesters has caught the of the Communist Youth League. Luxury goods such as jewelry and watches are common purchases by mainland tourists, and the value of those sales slid by nearly half.

"Is Apple guiding Hong Kong thugs?" the newspaper said.

A pedestrian walks a dog during a protest in Admiralty, Oct. 6.

China's embassy in France has slammed the country's reaction to protests in Hong Kong, calling it hypocritical and arguing France should show empathy as China did when Paris was trying to cope with Yellow Vests.

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Speaking at a weekly news conference, Lam said tourist numbers had fallen sharply and the impact on the city's third quarter economic data of the protests, which have been going on for about four months, would "surely be very bad". The protests have become nearly daily events with regular violent clashes between activists and police.

Local media reported a 14-year-old was shot in the leg by an off-duty police officer during chaotic scenes on Friday night, and the first people arrested under the new legislation appeared in court on Monday. Both shooting victims also have been detained.

The new law on masks was announced on Friday and triggered flash mob-style protests, as thousands of people donned masks in defiance of the ban. The hearing was set later this month.

Lam noted that a Chinese military intervention is in accordance to Hong Kong's constitution, known as the Basic Law, but said she "cannot reveal" the circumstances of when she would enforce such an intervention.

"Unless it stops soon.it's really Hong Kong's survival at stake", he told The Associated Press.

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