Climate change poses ‘lifelong’ child health risk


The Lancet medical journal's 2019 countdown on health and climate change has dire warnings about the kind of world we might be leaving to future generations.

The report also highlights tactics to adapt to changes in the climate that are unavoidable. In Canada, Lyme-infested ticks are marching their way north. The Paris Local weather treaty of 2015 enjoins nations to restrict temperature rises to 2C, or ideally to 1.5C if doable.

A warmer world means more malnutrition and rising food prices, as well as the political strife that comes with mass migration as some parts of the world become uninhabitable. "The rise in average temperature is putting the health of Canadians at risk".

Between 1980 and 2017, 448,444 Canadians were forced to leave their homes because of wildfires, but more than half of those evacuations occurred after 2010.

"These exposures not only pose a threat to public health, but also result in major economic and social burdens", the report reads.

"This has an effect in terms of direct injury and death but also some of the more slightly insidious effects - mental health impacts that come three months, six months after the flood, what happens to depression, to post-traumatic stress disorder, to anxiety disorders". Sea levels are now rising at an ever concerning rate.

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Canada's health-care sector was the next biggest emission producer, contributing some 900 kilograms or so per capita of Carbon dioxide equivalent, representing a far more modest rise over the study period compared to its Japanese and American counterparts.

Researchers said the 600 per cent increase in the use of electricity and biofuels for transport since 2000 has so far been insufficient, as it accounts for less than four per cent of the energy used.

Similarly, changing weather patterns are creating favourable environments for Vibrio cholerae bacteria, with global suitability rising nearly 10% since the early 1980s-increasing the likelihood of cholera outbreaks in countries where the disease does not regularly occur. Slowly, progress is being made. Climate change is linked to an increase in diseases such as cholera and those diseases hit children harder, the new report says.

"Fossil fuel consumption is at the heart of health care's emissions", said Dr. Jean Zigby, a Montreal-based family physician who serves on the board of directors of the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE).

"To dramatically decrease emissions by 2050, and to satisfy a pair of Sustainable Pattern Desires, India must transition faraway from coal and towards renewable energy".

The report called for "bold new approaches" to policy making, research and business to change course on climate change.

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Dr. Cindy Parker, an environmental health professor at Johns Hopkins University, praised the peer-reviewed report.

Those diseases hit children harder, the report said, and children, the elderly, the poor and the sick are most hurt during extreme heat with unsafe overheating, respiratory disease and kidney problems. Within the final 30 years, the worldwide yield potential of staple crops equivalent to maize, winter wheat and rice, have all declined, placing infants and young children at heightened danger of malnutrition.

As children grow older, the impact of air pollution is only poised to worsen. And as they move into adulthood, extreme weather events, such as heatwaves and wildfires, will intensify.

Most countries have experienced an increase in people exposed to wildfires since 2001-2004 with a financial toll per person 48 times larger than flooding.

The authors illustrious that local weather commerce is already destructive the effectively being of the realm's kids, and is set up to shape the effectively-being of a full era until the realm meets Paris Agreement targets to limit warming effectively below 2 degrees Celsius.

"An unprecedented challenge demands an unprecedented response, and it will take the work of the 7·5 billion people now alive to ensure that the health of a child born today is not defined by a changing climate", the authors said.

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