Ohio State tops LSU, Alabama and Penn State


If there was a story that surpassed all the others in the first set of rankings of the University football playoffs on Tuesday night for 2019, it was this: the defending national champion Clemson, victor of 24 consecutive FBS leading games, would not compete for the national championship if The Playoff took place today. Oklahoma is three spots behind Georgia despite losing to No. 16 Kansas State on the road while Georgia lost to 4-5 SC at home. The Tigers came in behind first-ranked Ohio State, second-ranked LSU, third-ranked Alabama, and fourth-ranked Penn State. "Now, Clemson's coming on and playing its best football, but after Week 10, the committee thought (the Nittany Lions) were a notch above (Clemson)".

It just won't. Just take 2014, the 1st yr of the playoff when defending BCS victor Florida State concluded the typical time as the only undefeated Ability 5 staff in the place. But Penn State has been ideal against the number on the road (3-0) and has already recorded quality wins over teams like Iowa, Michigan and Michigan State, whereas the Golden Gophers have yet to play a ranked team. Penn State is #4. A close look at the resumes of both teams up to this point clearly favors Penn State, and the playoff selection committee recognized that. "As for Oklahoma, it was a bad loss to Kansas State, but the Sooners should be ahead of Georgia, Oregon and Utah and be at No. 6". MI (7-2) 15. Notre Dame (6-2) 16. Moving forward, Penn State will face another handful of tough teams. While Minnesota won't come close to the top four with a win - even a convincing one - the Gophers should at least be much closer to the top 10 with a victory. Another loss would all but eliminate the Bulldogs and could complicate the SEC's hopes of landing two teams in the final four.

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Billionaires across the globe continue to be involved in philanthropy, with 400 of the top 500 billionaires publicly giving. The total assets of local billionaires shrank by 78 billion dollars to 500.9 billion dollars within a year.

Also, since the CFP was adopted before the 2014 season, no "Power 5" conference team has gone unbeaten and been left out of the top 4. "At the end of the season, people will count up where we're at and where they have us and tell us where we're going to go, and we'll be excited about going there".

Iowa State at No. 9 Oklahoma. Still, it is historic that Penn State is in the top four for the first time.

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Roger Penske says the company has no intention to change the management teams now in place at Hulman & Co. and its subsidiaries. Penske is the winningest team owner in Indianapolis 500 history with 18 victories, including Simon Pagenaud's win in May.

No. 4 Clemson (9-0, 6-0) - Clemson is a precarious pick at No. 4. We're just honored to be one of those teams that has a chance.

Interestingly enough, Texas A&M's fate may help the case of both Alabama and Clemson.

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Relatives of Kurdish fighters have celebrated al-Baghdadi's death. "We're protecting the dog's identity". In 2010, he became the head of the Islamic State in Iraq (ISI), an offshoot of al-Qaida in Iraq.