See a spectacular fireball blaze across the Missouri sky


A glowing meteor streaked across the sky over St. Louis, Missouri, on Monday night, according to local news outlets.

A fireball lit up the night sky above St. Louis as residents reported seeing a meteor on Monday.

The National Weather Service could not confirm if the meteor touched down or if it burnt up in the atmosphere.

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Some rushed to report the lucky sighting on Twitter, with one user posting footage of the meteor going over the city's iconic Gateway Arch.

NASA Meteor Watch said: "At 8.51pm last evening - November 12, 2019, 2.51am UTC - hundreds of eyewitnesses located in Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, South Dakota, and Minnesota reported seeing a very bright fireball".

Meteorologists say the object appears to have completely burned up in the atmosphere before reaching the ground.

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The meteor appeared to be a fireball, an especially vibrant meteor that appears brighter than the planet Venus in the sky, the American Meteor Society said. It was travelling east to west and went as far away as North Carolina.

The meteor could possibly have been debris from Comet 2P/Encke that passes earth each year.

The next night for recommended meteor viewing is November 16 into the early morning of November 17, when the Leonids meteor shower might bring around 15 meteors per hour, according to the American Meteor Society.

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