Selena Gomezs comment makes Bella Hadid delete her Instagram post


Why would Hadid take down a perfectly good photo of herself only oh, so soon after Sel commented? Selena commented "Stunning" on the photo. Are we overthinking it here?

As you may know, both ladies dated The Weeknd so now people think Bella might not be a big fan of Selena, which is why she deleted her pic after being complimented by her! In a screenshot pictured.

Eleven days ago, Selena Gomez surprised everyone by following Bella Hadid on Instagram.

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The new couple went on to date for about 10 months, before they called it quits in October 2017 - after which he rekindled his relationship with Bella in April 2018. Selena recently re-followed Bella on social media after unfollowing her when she was linked to The Weeknd. They finally ended their romantic ties in August this year after nearly a year and a half of dating.

Because of all this history, fans have some mixed feelings about the intentions behind Selena's comment AND Bella's decision to delete the photo.

The 27-year-old "Texican" pop star had followed the half-Jordanian, half-Dutch beauty back on November 6 three months after her second split with The Weeknd.

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Bella has since deleted the entire Instagram post, which is very. As for Bella and Selena's relationship, well, it seems possible that they still don't get along... Maybe Bella just didn't actually like the pic...

Selena has now responded to the Bella drama on Instagram. But there could be another reason for Bella to avoid Selena.

Thanks to the fast fingers of @commentsbycelebs, the fan account was able to snatch and repost the image with Gomez's comment on their page, writing, "She's all about supporting women". She then commented: "That sucks".

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