"Did Nothing Wrong": Donald Trump Tweets Ahead Of Impeachment Vote


The session began at 9 a.m. ET, with House Republicans calling for procedural votes.

President Donald Trump on Wednesday insisted he had done "nothing wrong" ahead of a vote in the House of Representatives where he faces becoming the third USA leader ever to be impeached.

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy introduced a resolution accusing Democratic Representatives Adam Schiff and Jerrold Nadler, respectively the chairmen of the Intelligence and Judiciary committees that led the impeachment hearings, of "wilfully and intentionally" violating House rules and exceeding their powers. A majority of House Democrats are expected to accept both charges.

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"He gave us no choice", said Pelosi, launching debate in the House of Representatives on impeaching the United States leader. Trump is the 45th president in the country and plans to be reelected in 2020 for a second four-year term.

Barreling through last-minute procedural hurdles thrown up by Republicans and mewls of complaint from Donald Trump, the House of Representatives impeachment juggernaut bore down on its goal Wednesday, with the impeachment of the U.S. president likely sometime after nightfall. Democrats are sticking to the line that Trump committed crimes and they are upholding their duties under the Constitution.

"Very sadly, the facts have made clear that the President abused his power for his own personal, political benefit and that he obstructed Congress as he demanded that he is above accountability, above the Constitution and above the American people", she wrote.

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But after a whistleblower brought to light a July phone call in which Trump pressed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy to investigate Biden, House Democrats moved swiftly to take testimony from current and former administration officials.

McCarthy's motion failed, and debate began shortly thereafter. "Impeachment is a political decision".

Earlier yesterday, in a long six-page angry letter to Nancy Pelosi, the president said that "more due process was afforded to those accused in the Salem Witch Trials". Two Democrats voted against.

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