Biden: "I would leave troops in the Middle East"


President Donald Trump has fuelled controversy over his decision to kill Iranian commander Qassem Soleimani, saying "it doesn't really matter" whether the latter posed an imminent threat to the United States.

"And I think we can achieve both of these goals - reduce our footprint, reduce our risk, while still achieving the American objectives in the region, including in Iraq", he said. Other US allies in the ME including Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt are also silent as they fully understand the ultimate outcome of war for which simple example is 2% loss in share value of ARAMCO (losing US$ 200 Billion) after the killing incident.

"What's the effect of that? If I have a Trump deal, how long will it last?"

But she wasn't done yet. Iraq is nominally an ally of Iran's, but maintains American troops at some of its bases, who Iran targeted.

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Last Friday, Trump clarified that "four US embassies, including the American Embassy in Baghdad", were targets in a planned attack by Soleimani. This follows a steady buildup in the Gulf a year ago as tensions with Iran escalated.

Grisham says Democrats are "taking the side of terrorists" and that was the point Trump was trying to make when he retweeted an image of Pelosi and Schumer photshopped with Muslim garb on in front of an Iranian flag.

Two of Trump's most prominent Cabinet officials echoed that message on Monday. He denies any Israeli involvement in the killing of Soleimani.

He said Major-Gen Soleimani was a "legitimate military target" and the strike was a "legitimate act of self-defence".

Japan supports USA measured response to Iranian missile strike
A majority of Americans don't seem to be buying the Trump administration's rationale for killing Iranian Gen. "We will debate on the floor of the House", Pelosi, D-Calif., pledged.

Sanders accused the President of lying about planned Soleimani attack.

In the last fortnight, several Iranian-Americans told Middle East Eye that the scale of vitriol directed at Iran, by both U.S. lawmakers and media alike, had left them feeling vulnerable. President Donald Trump responded to the attack in a tweet, saying that "all is well". Who is celebrating the death of Soleimani?

On Tuesday, a bipartisan resolution was introduced in Congress to stop the United States presidency from declaring war on Iran. Another official, Brigadier General Ali Abdollahi, made a more concrete accusation against the United States - that Washington hacked Iran's airspace radar systems in a "cyberattack", making it impossible for authorities to tell if the commercial airliner was an enemy missile targeting the capital. Trump tweeted another warning, saying that if the country retaliates its cultural sites will be attacked-a warning that breaks global, domestic, and US military law.

But later in the debate on Tuesday evening, Biden said that troops should stay in the region to patrol the Gulf, adding that it would be a "mistake to withdraw the small number of troops that are there now to deal with Daesh". There was no claim of responsibility but us officials believed Iran-backed militias were responsible.

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The strike came after the US embassy in Baghdad was breached by a group of protesters who back pro-Iran Shia militia. That can not be blamed on Donald Trump or the USA, but it is a reminder that the possibility of war must never taken lightly, and that there are always unexpected deaths and tragedies once war starts.