Facebook's 'Clear History' Is Now Available To Everyone


As a result, Facebook is going to try set the record straight on the company's principles -regardless if people like them or not. This article looks at how to use it.

Access your information - A list of information that is categorized by Facebook; not necessarily relevant to Off-Facebook Activity. The new "Your Off-Facebook Activity" page shows that Facebook has recently tracked me across a shocking total 556 mobile apps and websites. You can also download your information.

This week's announcement sees the company rolling these tools out globally. "And they will be more impactful as we move forward".

The feature will issue an alert if your Facebook account is used to log into an app or service without your knowledge. The photo-oriented social network doesn't use its own tracker pixels and cookies - it's all run through Facebook. There's even a separate one for tvOS, the operating system inside Apple TV devices. Facebook uses the in-app browser history to generate personalised ads. Scroll down until you see the section called "Your Facebook Information".

You can find it under "Facebook information" in the site's settings. If the apps were careful to protect the data they collected and kept it to themselves, users wouldn't mind as much - but instead, users' data is brokered and sold to support the free, ad-supported web.

Facebook employs about 1,000 engineers working on data privacy, and this week kicked off a program to alert almost 2 billion users to review their privacy settings, Zuckerberg noted on the earnings call. Then select "Settings" and "Your Facebook Information".

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If you clear the data, will it also reduce the number of ads on the app?

It doesn't reveal exactly what those interactions were. Click that, and then toggle the blue highlighted button to the left. I suggest creating both. It's just, the new information won't be associated with your account.

Back at the Activity Details pane, there's another option at the bottom: Turn off future activity. Disconnecting yourself from the app will not delete it entirely.

Turning off future activity for an individual site doesn't mean you're done.

Facebook's morning tumble brought the company down to about $209 per share; the company, heading into Wednesday afternoon, was trading at its all-time high of about $224 per share. Under that you'll see "Off Facebook Activity". It also doesn't stop the third parties from sharing data with Facebook in future.

Facebook says that this tool gives users more control over their privacy, but all it does is separate on-Facebook data from off-Facebook data. Note that Facebook doesn't actually delete that data. "The information you disconnect will no longer be connected to your account".

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Until there are clearer privacy laws in the United States, protecting yourself is going to remain an arms race. For example, after someone clears their history we might know there was a visit to a shopping website, but we won't know who went there.

Finally, Facebook is giving its users some control over their personal data. While Facebook works with law enforcement officials in the U.S.to root out interference from Russia, China, Iran and elsewhere, he said the threat is not just interference.

Facebook has warned for several quarters that growing at the same rate will be more hard in the future.

This is a step in the right direction but it isn't ideal.

If you're very concerned about the data that Facebook holds on you, it's worth clearing your history by clicking on the 'Clear History'. If you want to navigate there, click on the drop-down carrot in the top right of the desktop version of Facebook.

But there are also other things that may be spooking investors.

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