Google Pixel 4 users complain of Face Unlock failure issues


It appears like Google is running a randomized testing test to see exactly how non-Pixel phones manage Stadia. At the time, Google also announced that its face unlock system would use a novel approach, relying on Soli radar chips to enhance the functionality, and suggested that its Face ID alternative might be better than alternatives. Some Pixel 4 owners observed two distinct errors when attempting to unlock the phones, considering the prompts they received - Can't verify face.

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While the Pixel 4 isn't alone - joining the likes of the recent iPhones in resorting exclusively to facial recognition for secure unlocking - these reports of the feature failing act as a warning against such reliance. Those who own Pixel 4 series have complained about the issue on Pixel support forums, Reddit and XDA forums. Some were even unable to delete previously stored face data from their phones. For affected users, it is a very annoying problem since they can not unlock their smartphones easily. Try again." and the other, "Can't verify face. However, the problem is not universal and only a small number of people apparently face the problem of facial recognition on their Pixel. 4.

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Some users have tried to do a factory reset but it has not always worked. Not only do you get to take advantage of the price cut, you'll also receive a $200 gift card when you buy either of these phones. Some of the affected users have shared screenshots of the notification system that say "Facial registration did not work".

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A reboot restores the face unlock function to normal again, but this solution doesn't work for all users either. Google is aware of the reports and it's looking to fix the issue, Android Police notes.