'I'm spending all my money to get rid of Trump': Michael Bloomberg


Jim Messina, who managed Barack Obama's 2012 campaign, revealed in an interview over the weekend that Bernie Sanders winning the Democratic presidential nomination would be welcomed news for President Donald Trump.

Former US Vice President Joe Biden speaks as Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Bernie Sanders listen toward the end of the sixth 2020 Democratic presidential candidates campaign debate, at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California, Dec. 19, 2019. "But here's my concern about her". While speaking with voters, some Sanders volunteers were using a script saying that Warren supporters "are highly educated, more affluent people who are going to show up and vote Democratic no matter what" and that "she's bringing no new bases into the Democratic Party".

Rose, a freshman lawmaker who has already gained a reputation for having an independent streak within the Democratic Party, said he was backing Bloomberg's bid because of the former New York City mayor's "even-keeled and visionary leadership". He has sought to cast himself as the only one capable of beating Trump, arguing he would drive turnout among working-class and minority voters who would not otherwise vote. Elizabeth Warren, but higher in some polls than his fellow billionaire candidate, Tom Steyer.

In December 2018, before either chose to run, the Democratic senators met at Warren's DC home and pledged to not go after one another directly while on the campaign trail, according to New York Magazine. However, 15 percent of black Democratic primary voters said they "have some reservations about supporting" a white woman for president.

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The Political report published on Saturday night seems to show a call script for Sanders volunteers, which encourages them to attack Ms. Warren.

"I was disappointed to hear that Bernie is sending his volunteers out to trash me".

Messina's comments come as Sanders' campaign continues to surge just weeks before the Iowa caucuses.

Warren also warned against repeating "the factionalism of 2016", during which the unexpected strength of Sanders' challenge to Hillary Clinton's candidacy produced a drawn-out and oftentimes nasty Democratic primary fight that some Democrats say contributed to Trump's win. Democrats need to reunite our party and that means pulling in all parts of the Democratic coalition.

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"I hope Bernie reconsiders and turns his campaign in a different direction", she said before moving on.

Sanders denied he's trashing Warren in an exchange with reporters and denied responsibility for the script: "I got to tell you, I think this is a little bit of a media blowup, that kind of wants conflict".

When pressed further, Mr. Sanders, whose campaign has provided few details about the reported script, suggested that everything may have been the product of an employee who went rogue: "We have hundreds of employees. I'm sure that on Elizabeth's campaign people do certain things as well", Sanders told reporters after a rally in Iowa.

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