Sanders and Warren seek advantage as crucial NH primary approaches


The impeachment trial against Donald Trump is not just a "witch hunt", but a ploy to "rig" the Democratic nomination against Bernie Sanders and in favor of Joe Biden, the United States president has claimed.

Warren went directly to Sanders following the debate to address his comments, according to a transcript provided by CNN.

Their confrontation, visible to viewers, began when Warren walked toward Sanders and refused to shake his outstretched hand. Bernie appeared to listen, then waved his hands and turned away. The subsequent attempts to tamp down the conflict, from the candidates on the debate stage Tuesday night and from their chief surrogates on Wednesday, reflect the unsafe stakes surrounding a fight that threatens to tear apart the Democratic Party's progressive base less than three weeks before presidential primary voting begins.

The two have not spoken to each other since their sour post-debate exchange Tuesday night when Warren Sanders accused her of calling her a liar on national TV.

Warren and Sanders had informally agreed not to attack one another at the campaign's outset, a truce that largely held until last weekend, when Politico reported that the Sanders campaign was training its canvassers to tell voters that Warren would not expand the party's base.

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"I think you called me a liar on national TV", she said again.

SANDERS: "No. Let's not do it right now". Sanders has maintained he never said that, while Warren maintains he did.

Warren then told Sanders, "Anytime", and Sanders, sounding somewhat agitated, replied, "You called me a liar".

Another 19 per cent supported Mr Biden, 12 per cent said they would vote for Senator Elizabeth Warren, 9 per cent backed former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and 6 per cent said they would support Pete Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana. Here was an opportunity for Warren to put her stamp on the night - and, potentially, to help deflate the surging Sanders, who some polls show leading the field in Iowa. "I just want to say "hi" to Bernie".

And in a statement, she said: "I thought a woman could win, he disagreed".

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And, speaking of Bernie Bros: "So far, Sanders' and Warren's support remains unchanged among women, with about 15% supporting Sanders and 11% supporting Warren".

They were enthused that Sanders recounted how he had asked Warren to run for president before he got into the race in 2016. Warren said this week that Mr. "That's it? That's what's dominated our national discourse for 36 hours?" she said, deflated.

"You called me a liar".

Democrats can defeat Trump - but not if they first defeat themselves. "How could anybody in a million years not believe that a woman could become President?"

"I'm sad and frustrated because we have all worked so hard to get here". Collectively they have lost 10 elections.

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