WHO says new China coronavirus could spread, warns hospitals worldwide


The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Chinese government is taking steps to make sure the illness does not unfold further. "WHO reiterates that it is essential that investigations continue in China to identify the source of this outbreak and any animal reservoirs or intermediate hosts". She has since been released from quarantine after tests showed she did not have the same kind of virus found in China.

This is the first case of sick foreigners entering Vietnam since the acute pneumonia outbreak in China, which has infected 41 in Wuhan and killed a 61-year-old man. They say, however, that if human transmission is possible, it appears to be rare.

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Health ministry official Eiji Hinoshita told reporters that the risk of the disease spreading from the patient was considered low, with careful checks done on those who had been in close contact with him. "The fact that some cases do not seem to be linked with the Huanan seafood market means we can not exclude the possibility of limited human-to-human transmission". "It is still early days, we don't have a clear clinical picture". He reported having a persistent fever. They suggested on Twitter that it is a variant of betacoronavirus like the SARS virus.

The market has been closed since January 1. Coronaviruses originate in bats but can infect a number of animals, and from there jump to humans.

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Yesterday Chinese authorities said the virus may have been spread between family members, opening the possibility of human-to-human transmission.

Prior to the new incident, Wuhan's health authorities believed the infections had been caused by exposure to a local seafood market, as all the confirmed cases either worked at or frequented the market.

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The seafood market in Wuhan - a major domestic and worldwide transport hub - is now closed and no cases have been reported elsewhere in China or internationally, it said. It said authorities will interview travelers, especially from China and Hong Kong, with temperatures higher than 38 degrees Celsius (100 degrees Fahrenheit), followed by a health check. Her coronavirus was confirmed Sunday by a laboratory test, Anutin said. Jeremy Farrar, a British-based infectious disease specialist and director of the Wellcome Trust global health charity, said news of a case in Japan was "extremely concerning".