Huawei Executive Rejects Welcoming Back Google Mobile Services; Company Disagrees


A senior Huawei exec confirms, "We don't need Google" but then its headquarters apparently backflips.

The company plans on continuing the development of its own ecosystem and app store, in which it is investing $3 billion in 2020. It is now clear that Huawei does not want to be dependent on US technology.

Huawei will not use Google’s services in its Android devices even if US lifts the ban
Huawei may not return to Google services if and when the trade ban is lifted

While the whole world went haywire over this move considering the kind of awesome devices Huawei is known to produce, we saw the Mate 30 Pro meeting its ultimate demise in the West because of the absence of Google Play Services (Although there were some hacks around this). In the meantime, Huawei will keep improving its app store, and it will also work to create its own ecosystem that will exist alongside Android and iOS.

As GSM Arena interprets the above, it does not mention Google Play Services in any way, shape or form - obfuscation at its best. It only said Android open ecosystem which is what the company is already using for its HarmonyOS.

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But after this news came out, in which people assumed there will be no Huawei and Google reconciliation anytime soon, the Chinese OEM issued a statement to Android Police. And that point looks as if it has reached a "no return".

The ongoing saga between the United States and Huawei has taken a rather interesting turn.

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The year 2019 has been brutal for Huawei as the company received sanctions from the USA government over spying suspicion. Google is now committed to publishing a vanilla Android version and continually contributing to it if Google Android users play "ball".

In May 2019, Google banned Huawei from using the Google Mobile Services on Huawei phones, resulting in the Mate 30 and possibly the future P40 handsets lacking a Play Store, among other things.

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However, this does not explicitly confirm that he wants to recover the GMS, since Android is different from Google's mobile services, so Huawei could be saying that it plans to keep Android for the HMS instead of Harmony OS. There is a lengthy discussion on that here. Still, it translates to the consumer goods segment of the company, including the inability to use Google apps and US-supplied mobile processors. So, there is a difference between Android and Google's apps suite or GMS which on the other hand has to be licensed for usage.