Iowa chaos undercuts Democrats in New Hampshire


Mr. Buttigieg began the day beating back criticism for claiming victory in Iowa on Monday night despite having no results from the caucuses.

Results from 62% of precincts were finally published Wednesday morning AEDT.

Warren took a 2 point hit from last night's tracking poll and Klobuchar went down just one point - both still well within the 4.3 percent margin of error.

"Look, the integrity of the process is tinged", said Symone Sanders, a top adviser to the campaign of former Vice President Joseph R. Biden. This measure is the only measure that was reported at previous Iowa caucuses. He leads on the "initial" popular votes by 24.5% to 21.4% for Buttigieg. The other was Iowa.

Warren and the remaining Democratic candidates must now turn their attention to New Hampshire, a state which Canon said Sanders is expected to win. Normally, caucus participants just phone in the votes.

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Speaking to an audience in this small southeastern New Hampshire city the morning after delayed partial returns from the Iowa caucuses showed Biden in fourth place - trailing Buttigieg, Sanders and Sen.

Turnout at these caucuses will be about the same as in 2016.

This false start to the Democratic nominating contest has shaken the confidence in the process and could have a lasting effect on the race, political analysts said. For more seasoned voters and political participants, any prolonged count scenario conjures the specter of 2000's shameful Bush v. Gore recount in Florida, which ultimately resulted in the candidate with fewer votes being anointed by the Supreme Court as president. But the caucus system (which Nevada and Wyoming Democrats also use) is fundamentally undemocratic.

"I hope that what happened in Iowa is going to be a wake-up call for us as it relates to what can happen and what the risks are". It showed Buttigieg leading the field with 26.9 percent of projected state delegates.

The question is whether Iowa will have a large impact on these figures. Mr. Buttigieg's rivals were more than happy to affix an asterisk next to the Iowa results. Thus far the party's front runner nationally, he was seen as lacking energy in his appearances in Iowa. As I wrote in the article after that poll, Buttigieg has problems with black voters.

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Unite the Country announced Tuesday that it's preparing to drop $900,000 on a television and digital advertising blitz ahead of the Granite State's February 11 primary. She does plan to move on to New Hampshire, but will so as no-hoper.

That is, he seems acceptable to Democrats of various stripes, in part because he is relatively new to politics and is not burdened by a long record of recorded votes and political positions. In the second district, Sanders has a larger lead with 34% support, followed by Buttigieg with 17%, and Biden with 13%. All of the major campaigns were well organized and friendly, and the new presidential preference cards that were used to create a paper trail made counting people a much simpler process. His campaign has been counting on his strongholds in Nevada and SC to launch him into the bigger delegate hunts in March.

"They are keeping the original paperwork, they are scanning it and they are sending it in (to the state party)", Carroll said.

Sanders holds a strong lead among "very liberal" voters garnering 54% support among that group.

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