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Leaked iPhone 5S Video Shows New Plastic Phone

July 24
6:21 pm 2013

Plastic Apple iPhoneThe plastic iPhone case has been leaked on a YouTube video. With several years of Apple AAPL +0.30% (NASDAQ:AAPL) claiming they had plans for a lower costing iPhone, looks like a release may be just around the corner. The video is surprisingly well-made and shows the plastic shells that will accompany this low cost phone making it a more budget friendly option.

The low cost iPhone is supposed to be a complement to the soon to be released iPhone 5S. The YouTube user DetroitBORG is the user that has created the video highlighting the plastic iPhone case.

The video only shows the back of the phone, no internals and it is clear the phone is not finished. There is no SIM tray present or cutouts for the buttons. There will be a secondary microphone, just like other Apple products and the frame is thin and metal.

The video seems to show an all new iPhone. The maker, DetroitBORG, shows that the phone will likely have a four inch display and it is as thin as the iPhone 5. The plastic on the back resembles what is on the iPhone 3GS.

The casing also includes a flash and lens on the back, as well as the Apple logo. The Lightning connector and headphone jack are in the same place as well. The one difference that is evident is the branding Apple has placed on the casing is thinner than past models.

This new Apple iPhone is suspected to be launched soon. The plastic model is supposed to appeal to those customers that desire Apple technology, but do not have the budget to afford the traditional devices. It is thought the device will be released by next year. Apple, however, has not released any information on this new phone.

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Andy Porter

Andy Porter

Andy is a business, technology and stock market reporter for The NYSE Bulletin.

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